Making Space for Resiliency

“It wasn’t until I was 51-years-old that a physician sat me down and asked me the most important question of my life – one that would lead me to better health than I’d had for decades: ‘Were there any childhood traumas or stressors that might have contributed to the extreme level of inflammation you’re experiencing as an adult?’”

— Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Trauma happens all around us – not only do we need to work on preventing it, we need to work on our response to the survivors. These stories illustrate why trauma matters.


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Welcome to the Trauma Matters Podcast! A place where you can hear about trauma in a way that’s not so scary. Join host Lizzie Hudson and guests as they dive deep into topics such as sexual trauma prevention, trauma-informed education, gang violence and so much more.

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Hannah: Cyberbullying

I can feel their eyes on me as I walk to class. Everyone will have seen the pictures by now, and since they look real, no one believes that they…

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Project CommUNITY: Breaking Down Barriers

The safety and security of a community – part of that story is told through crime stats, the other part by community partners. KETV NewsWatch 7 examines the link between…

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We Too: The Local Aftermath of #MeToo and TimesUp

Nothing happens in a vacuum or tunnel. We want people to be able to recognize that trauma and adversity really do have an impact on people, and that affects everybody.” …

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Removing Judgement and Stereotypes

A 19-year-old named John arrived at the emergency room by ambulance after a single vehicle crash – he hit a tree and wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Upon arrival, he…

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Understanding How Trauma Affects People in Different Ways

Officers had arrested a suspect and identified the mother as a victim of domestic violence and her children as victims of child abuse. Following the arrest, one of the children was interviewed…

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Witnesses to Crimes Can Also Be Trauma Victims

Recently, ten detectives from the Omaha Police Department attended training that taught them how trauma affects the brain and memory, and provided them with ways to conduct interviews in a…

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16-year-old Carrie arrived at Project Harmony’s Triage Center threatening to run. The staff slowly coaxed her into having a bite to eat – buying more time and building trust. After…

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Trauma-Informed Hospital Environment

An outpatient psychiatry department was relocating to a new floor in a hospital. The waiting room originally planned to have seats that were linked one next to the other, stadium…

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When I was twelve, I was coming home from swimming at my neighbor’s dock when I saw an ambulance’s flashing lights in our driveway. I still remember the asphalt burning…

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